Leah Beck

$50.00 Double Fan


Leah Beck

Leah Beck (Beck-B., 2020) Bx14-5 (Velvet Throne x unknown) 35",Mid season,7-8", ,Sev,Tet, 19 buds, 4 branches

Named after my Mom. This is one of the biggest full formed round purple Daylilies I have seen. It is A very strong grower. Has a slight lighter water mark in the eye area. Has a nice white edge around the petals. Very nice green throat. Just one of the best I have grown! Now for the bad. It does hang up here 20% of the time. If it were not for this flaw I would be selling it for much more. I seldom have warm nights even when it's 90 + degrees during the day. Usually in the 50's at night. So it may open much better with warm nights. Would love to know if it does better with warm nights.

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