Leon Lewis

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Leon Lewis

Leon Lewis (Beck-B., 2022) bx15-40 ( Velvet Throne x Thistles and Thorns)
6.25", 36", M, Sev, Tet, Re, 35 buds, 5-6 way branching
Ruffled purple with a light water mark eye, green throat. Just another purple? If I thought that I would not keep it. It is a workhorse purple. If you have seen Velvet Throne you know about velvet purple in daylilies. This one has that velvet color but improves on the plant with wonderful scapes, many buds, and great branching. It even has the power to re bloom here. Named for a good friend of mine in Wendell Idaho. A retired Fish and Game agent that loves Daylilies!

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Bx Butte daylilies
970w 200s
Murtaugh, Idaho 83344
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