Cool Beans

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Whithout all the color in the eye zone

Cool Beans

Cool Beans (Beck-B., 2021) bx17-1 (Dragonfly Dawn x Four Beasts In One)
5.5", 24", EM, Sev, Tet, 17 buds, 5 branches

Yellow base with eye zone of multiple shades of purple and blue tones. Wide green throat. Wow! What a cool colored pattern. I love this flower and have never seen one like it. My most used pollen parent by far for patterned daylilies. It also sets seed. I should get some seedlings bloom from it this year. It does not always have the same pattern, but always has a pattern. I can count at least 5 (or more) shades of color in the eye. One of those colors is Blue! It can loose the color inside the breaks.

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