Ninja Star

$50.00 Double Fan


Ninja Star

Ninja Star (Beck-B 2021) bx14-31 (bx08-4 x unknown)
5.5"-6", 36", M, Sev.,Tet, 27 buds, 7 branches

Pink beige base, purple eyezone with a star patten, petal edged in purple and gold
Very unique look! Starting from the green throat base, then chartreuse, white midribs splitting the eyezone turning to purple outside the eyezone. Purple eyezone with some raspberry mascara. Purple and raspberry petal edge and gold. Blooms are the same every day. Very reliable and great grower.

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Bx Butte daylilies
970w 200s
Murtaugh, Idaho 83344
Lily Auction Username:Bx

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