Solar Beam

$50.00 Double Fan


Solar Beam

Solar Beam (Beck-B., 2022) Bx16-27 (Budd's Jane x Last Snowflake)
7", 26", M, Sev, Tet, 25 buds, 4 branches
Yellow self with a green sheen across the face of the flower. I really like Last Snowflake and wanted to get a larger version. Last Snowflake is very hard to set pods. In fact I don't think I was ever able to set a pod on it. I was able to use the pollen and got this awesome yellow. Solar Beam is a very large flower that says hello with a great green look from a distance.

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Bx Butte daylilies
970w 200s
Murtaugh, Idaho 83344
Lily Auction Username:Bx

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