Thunder Appeal

$150.00 Double Fan


Thunder Appeal

(Beck-B., 2023) Bx17-32 (Hip Hop Music x Professor Eyes-N-Biter)
5.5", 30", M, Sev, Tet, 15 buds, 3 way branching
Cream base with raspberry purple eye and edge, outer edge in gold and lavender teeth and knobs, glowing green throat
This is a color popping flower! The round green neon throat sets off the purple eye so brilliantly. Then out to the super multi colored petal edge, with all kinds of gold, and light lavender glitter teeth and knobs. My favorite shaped daylily is the rounder the better and this one is round and full.

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Bx Butte daylilies
970w 200s
Murtaugh, Idaho 83344
Lily Auction Username:Bx

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