Just What I Needed

$150.00 Double Fan



Bloomed with a pattern eye one time

Just What I Needed

Just What I Needed
(Beck-B., 2023) 15-29 (Sherry Candy x Blue Breasted Bee Eater)
6", 26", M, Sev, Tet, 15 buds, 3 way branching
Coppery cream base color with a big eye and edge of violet and purple tones, nice big ruffles and small outside edge of metallic glitter, green throat
On maiden bloom I knew this was a keeper. The eye and the very wide edge color is very noticeable from a distance. Makes it looks even bigger than it is. One time it bloomed with a patterned eye. Don't expect the pattern but may help get pattern eyes with giant edges when using it.

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