Shoo Be Doo

$75.00 Double Fan


Shoo Be Doo

(Beck-B., 2023) Bx12-26 (Bx09-3 x Unknown)
7.5", 35", EM, E, Tet, 23 buds, 4-6 way branching
Big yellow base with dark marron purple eye and edge
For many years this is the one that many visitors to my place say is their favorite of all the daylilies open that day. It is a very big flower and a very good plant all around. I should have introduced it years ago, but because of so much to do growing crops I just never had the time. Now I have the time! I have quite a bit of this plant so I reduced the price.

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Bx Butte daylilies
970w 200s
Murtaugh, Idaho 83344
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