Easter Rainbow

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Bloomed like this in the greenhouse 2020

Easter Rainbow

Easter Rainbow (Beck-B., 2022) bx15-3 (Sherry Candy x Blue-Breasted Bee-Eater)
6", 26", M, Sev, Tet, 17 buds, 4 way branching
Mauve with a lavender raspberry etched eye and edge, green throat.
Easter Rainbow has quite a few different looks. I remember when Blue Breasted Bee Eater first bloomed here I said to myself this will be the one that I get a blue out of. I have seen other hems out of Sherry Candy that looked blue. So I put them together and well, Blue? Sometimes it has the most blue eye zone I have seen (although rare). But for the most part it is a beautiful lavender pastel rainbow of color. I will try to get pictures of some of the different looks on the site. Makes lots of proliferations.

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