Laser Face

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Laser Face

Laser Face
Laser Face (Beck-B., 2022) bx17-20 (bx08-18 x Professor Eyes-N-Biter)
6", 30", Sev, Tet, ML, Tet, 18 buds, 3-4 way
Tan mauve base with a patterned eye zone of purple and raspberry, green yellow throat, raspberry purple edge.
This is probably the most unique daylily that I have grown. I was actually going for eye and edge with teeth. (you can see bxo8-18 in the gallery section on this web site) I texted a picture of this one to a friend and she said. "looks like the whole face of the flower is done by a laser." That's how it got it's name. The base color can be tan or lavender or a combination of both. This year (2021) it was more tan but the outside edge was way wider. Fertile both ways and I used it a lot.

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